Three universities, North Carolina A&T State University, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, are collaboratively developing faculty expertise in information assurance (IA) and computer security through two faculty development workshops.

Covering two years, the workshops involve thirty-six faculty from two-year, four-year, and minority colleges and universities. The workshops are designed to assist participants in the design of a personalized plan to integrate IA hands-on labs and case studies into the curriculum of the participants’ home institution.

The workshops are designed to increase the faculty’s expertise and their home institution’s capacity to produce a diverse workforce in the area of information assurance. The broad coverage of IA topics and the new and innovative IA teaching techniques presented in the workshop are attracting participants with diverse backgrounds. The personalized instruction plan and follow-up assistance is helping workshop participants to effectively improve security education in the field. Besides building faculty expertise, the project is improving partnerships in information assurance education. This project is improving overall information security and critical infrastructure protection in the U.S. by producing a larger and more diverse IA workforce with better IA skills.

The curriculum materials disseminated through the workshops can be adopted by multiple disciplines such as computer science, software engineering, information technology, and business. The materials will be made available to a broader audience through conferences, publication, and this website. The project is building a community in security education among multiple disciples. The project includes detailed formative and summative evaluation plans and evaluation.